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Monday, August 29, 2011

Board of Alderman Respond to Green Line Delay News Through Resolutions and Orders

Similarly to Mayor Joe Curtatone's promise of not taking the news of the Green Line delay "lying down," the Board of Alderman submitted their own resolutions and orders this week surrounding the announcement that has stirred much emotion throughout the city.

Legislative File #191806, submitted by Ward Seven Alderman Robert C. Trane and cosponsored by the entire board: "That this Board of Aldermen respectfully requests that the Commonwealth’s Secretary of Transportation, or his designee, and a representative of the Conservation Law Foundation, appear before this Board to discuss recently disclosed revised timelines for the construction of the Green Line extension into Somerville. These potential timeline changes could add five years onto the completion of the Green Line project. This Board of Aldermen and the residents of the City of Somerville need to fully understand the implications of these potential changes. This Board, and the residents of the City of Somerville, need to be provided with a project commencement date for the Green Line Project and with assurances that the proposed revision of the timeline is not just an accounting mechanism that would allow the Department of Transportation to fund other projects in the Commonwealth ahead of the Green Line."

A much lengthier resoluion was also submitted by Alderman At Large, Bill White, that outlined the environmental reasons behind the Green Line coming to Somerville in the first place, as well as, a promise to discuss legal options. Legislative item #191807 states: "That this Board objects to any further delay in the 2014 completion date for the Green Line Extension" and was cosponsored by the entire board.

Citing it as a "middle finger to the residents of Somerville," Alderman at Large Bill White and Ward 7 Alderman Bob Trane have vowed to bring in State Officials to answer questions surrounding the future of a project that the City of Somerville has spent hundreds of thousand of dollars and countless hours planning for and designing.

Dates have yet to be scheduled for these meetings, however, check the City's Meeting Portal for the latest information.

1 comment:

Marion Morrison said...

Will they stomp their little feet and hold their breath until they turn blue when the Sec of Trans tells them to pound sand?