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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pictorial: Inside The Residences At Maxwell's Green!

This past Thursday, I was able to tour one of the semi-completed townhouses of the Maxwell's Green Development at 56-61 Clyde Street. This parcel was sold to GFC Development, Inc for construction of 15 townhomes. There are still 9 to be built and most have already been sold. Thanks to James, Dan, and Steve for the information and the opportunity to tour the house!


Jim Dunne said...

The inside looks nice I guess, but doesn't that "porch" seem like it'd be a bit claustrophobic?

Studebaker Hoch said...

Considering that the Green Line Extension has become more pipe dream than reality, (and would have been a huge selling point for these units if it ever came to be), I wouldn't consider giving a nickel over $400K for one and I'd cringe at that number. There is nothing there, interior or exterior, that excites me.
I can't wait to see what the future "luxury apartments" are going to look like.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those stairs depicted in the pictures are up to code.

No risers? Open-spaced ballisters?

Also, too bad a noise barrier wasn't built on the north side of the development.

Just ask the residents of the VNA, and other adjacent neighbors about the noise created by the commuter trains passing late night and early morning hours.

To be compounded when the GLX is FINALLY???.... in place!!

Anonymous said...

There is glass going in between each ballist on the stairs. I was at the tour too and I asked. There is a noise barrier being installed that will run by the platform for the Greenline Xtension when it comes in 30 years lol.

Anonymous said...

Please tell us it will be shatter-proof glass.

Also---correction! My error!
Not "ballisters" but "balusters" is the proper name for those verticals connecting stairs and hand-railing.