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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Residents To Get 72 hour Grace For Expired Registration

As part of the balancing of the FY2012 budget, the Traffic and Parking Department implemented fines for residents with expired registrations-taking cues from surrounding cities-that is slated to bring in around $900K in revenue for Somerville. 

The $50 ticket, however, will not be issued until 72 hours after your registration expires much to the relief of the Board of Alderman and thanks to the Traffic Commission for voting unanimously on the measure.

This does not apply to being stopped on a highway, however, as a State Trooper could have your car towed at your expense if your registration is expired.

Corresponding Legislation:
Legislative File #191654: Requesting an amendment to Ordinance 1-11(b) regarding the Traffic and Parking Regulations penalties for violations for Expired Vehicle Registrations and Inspections.

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