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Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Word Around The Ward...

So, change is good, right? How do you feel about the new layout, colors and consolidated tabs on the website? I have been thinking about this for months now and wanted to bring everything about the website into the words (Community, Artistic, Development, and Political) that have been the main focus of W5O since its debut in November of 2009. I do have a main page for the calendar, although, that may be moved over to the Community page. Thoughts? Comment them below!

Although there's no race here in Ward 5, election season is certainly picking up steam around the city. Fundraisers are being held and political literature is being delivered. Please see the updated Election 2011 link in the Political Page of the website to learn more about the candidates running in every ward.

PDS has made their endorsements already with Bill White, Dennis Sullivan, Katjana Ballantyne, and Christine Barber all getting the stamp of approval from the organization that brought the likes of Rebekah Gewirtz, Carl Sciortino and Pat Jehlen to victory in their respective elected positions. Discussion for  Endorsing a Ward 3 Alderman candidate will occur at their September meeting.
Yes, as you all know, I got the opportunity to tour one of the (almost) completed townhouses that make up the residences of Maxwell's Green last week and I must say that it is very "townhomey" with small rooms and three floors. There are 9 that have yet to be built and, from what I was told, just about all of them are already sold.

If anyone needs me, I will be walking around Ward 5 finding new reasons to use my Somerville 311 iPhone App. Don't know about it? Full posting tomorrow will give you all the details and links!

It's within the first couple of weeks of August and do you know what Olde Magoun's Saloon is thinking about? Octoberfest, of course! Teaser emails have been blasted out for the past couple of weeks detailing this year's tap line-up and, lets just say, it's panning out to be one of the best in Somerville!

There are 2,000+ signatures so far on the petition demanding a definitive date of the Green Line arrival in Somerville. This is an issue that has certainly united the city, especially in the wake of increases in fees and fines that have separated residents from administration recently. Be sure to add your name if you haven't already and let your voice be heard regarding this important addition to our community.

Be sure to stop by On The Hill Tavern and buy some raffle tickets for this year's Golf Tournament. All employees will be selling them and they are $10 each.

Seen someone? Heard something? Let me know!

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KelseyRoth said...

I like the cleaner look. It's easier to navigate.