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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Former and Current Ward 5ers Have Close Encounter of the Aerosmith Kind...

Conor O'Keefe, Steven Tyler, Megan O'Keefe

On September 10th, members of the O'Keefe and Hayes families travelled from all over to celebrate the marriage of Conor and Megan in Nashua, New Hampshire. The ceremony was lovely and the reception was about to begin when the guests were greeted by a former Bostonian who, lets just say, had gone on to bigger things.

Learning that the father of Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, had passed away that morning was very sad for both Conor and I as we are big fans of the Boston bad boys, listening to them for years in our Magoun Square home much to the dismay of the O'Keefe parental unit.

Upon returning from the 2pm ceremony at St. John the Evangelist in North Chelmsford, I had the honor of, not only seeing Conor's limo arriving, but having a 25 minute conversation with Liv Tyler about everything from the weather to food to the "cycle of life" as she explained it to her young son.

Within minutes, Steven Tyler (Liv's father), strolled through the lobby and, unprompted, walked over to Conor's limo, knocked on the window and congratulated the newlyweds on their big day. Before they even entered the hotel, he posed for pictures and chatted with guests.

I'm always reluctant to leave Ward 5 or the City of Somerville, for that matter, but this time was definitely worth it!

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Anonymous said...

We Ward 5 residents remember when the Aerosmiths could be heard throughout the neighborhood practising/rehearsing in a vacant garage they rented on Lowell/Woodbine Street.