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Thursday, September 29, 2011

MassDOT Talks Community Path Extension

Description on massive map of extension
Representatives from MassDOT, the City of Somerville, and numerous Community members gathered at Somerville High School on Thursday September 22nd to discuss the extension of the Community Path from Lowell Street to Inner Belt to North Point. The extension of the path from Cedar to Lowell Street was briefly discussed by design firm, Weston & Sampson, who also designed Albion Street park.

Although not including much detail regarding path structure, lighting, or measurements, attendees were taken on a journey from the proposed Lowell Street Green Line Station along rail lines to the end at North Point. Describing only crossing points and landmarks, MassDOT laid out their plan to extend the path across the city.

According to MassDOT, there will be points that will provide secure bicycle parking and spaces for users to gather off-path.

Other meetings have been scheduled surrounding MassDOT projects that include an October 12th meeting on the Maintenance Facility (location was not revealed), Corridor Retaining Walls and Noise Vibration meeting scheduled for the fall, Station Design meetings for Winter of 2012, and a Federal Environmental Review Public Process meeting for October 20th.

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