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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Businesses Putting Their Best Face Forward...

Even in tough economic times, businesses are putting their best face forward by improving the outside facade of their building with new signs, awnings and banners.

The trend started with Olde Magoun's Saloon located at 518 Medford Street, who applied for a grant to gain new signage on the front and sides of the building last year. Set on a jet black background, with white writing, the banners and signs are contemporary with lighting surrounding that illuminates them for night time recognition. The Olde Magoun's logo adds a great detail tying in their interior, exterior and web presence together nicely. This logo also adornes coasters, napkins, their newly-updated website and the menu giving a uniform look and the attention to detail that other establishments have a tendency to forget. It's this attention that has gained Olde Magouns...well...a lot of attention! The fact that the beer you order comes in the corresponding glass certainly doesn't hurt either. Greg is known to bring in some of the best beers out their, so do stop by soon!

Diagonal from Olde Magoun's in Magoun Square is Oriental Chinese, located at 513 Medford Street, who spent some nice money, not only improving the interior overhead menu, but also installed a new awning and illuminated sign on the exterior of the building that gives Magoun Square a great night feel along with neighboring exterior signage. Oriental Chinese Restaurant is one of the hidden jewels of Magoun Square that I would like to see leaked out to the rest of Somerville. Their food is great and they do a crazy take-out order business that keeps their drivers coming and going a few times an hour! The chefs also assisted the famous Howie at Olde Magoun's during their Asian Fusion Wednesday special month. Yes, that's how we roll here in Magoun Square...everyone is involved!

The Pub, located at 682 Broadway in Ball Square, took the green out of their shamrocks and decided on a great black and white awning that is a crisp, professional contrast from their original maroon and gold wood sign that adorned the historic bar & grille back in the day. The staff wears shirts that feature a green shamrock, however, I'm glad they went with a white one for the exterior as it is more readable and the three F shamrock logo is more noticeable. This renovation is fairly recent and now matches their great interior job that was completed before the bar formally reopened under the present owners. The Pub keeps a great atmosphere with good food and all the traditional Pub stuff like karaoke and trivia nights. Be sure to try out their wings while watching your favorite football team on one of their many flat screen TVs.


Anonymous said...

Talking about "color" in Magoun Square.

When is the city going to go to full red and full green with those "new" traffic "control" lights at Lowell and Medford streets?

A much needed control; and a disgrace that its been so long in the flashing mode with no clue as to when the full lights will be in place. Just try to enter Magoun Square/Medford Street from lowell Street and "bring your lunch."

Forget-about--it during commuter drive time----AM & PM.

KelseyRoth said...

I wish more businesses/property owners would follow this lead and improve their awnings in Magoun Square. Some of them are downright shameful.

Glad to see you highlighting the positives here!