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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Traffic Commission to Vote on Alpine Street Traffic Change & Clyde Street Calming Measure

Tomorrow's traffic commission meeting is taking up two resident-driven issues according to their posted agenda.

The 90 day trial period for Alpine Street to be a one-way coming from Cedar to Princeton is over and there's a request to have this traffic pattern change approved. Residents of the street requested the pilot after years of difficulty maneuvering around cars coming in the opposite direction. The commission will review the pilot data before making their decision.

Also on the agenda is a Resident Request for Traffic Calming Measures for Warwick Street at Clyde Street. This, of course, is close to the Maxwell's Green development and is a one-way coming from Warwick.

The meeting begins at 6pm and is located at the Tufts Administration Building, 167 Holland St, on the 2nd floor. This commission meets every third Thursday of the month.


Anonymous said...

About Alpine Street! You of course mean what was, before the trial one way test, the two way obstacle course on that part of Alpine.

Finally the city has done something about the long time two way problems on that street.

Anonymous said...

The Alpine Street decision was to extend the one way trial period another three months; come winter with its past snow related two way problems on that very narrow street. The extension makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Not only the extended 3 months makes sense, the street needed to be made one way forever years ago.

I use it, as a non-resident every commuting day for years.
Trust me----it needs to be made one way, as the trial test now is.