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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trane's Noise Ordinance Enrolled by Board of Alderman

After weeks of deliberation in Public Health and Safety Committee meetings, Ward 7 Alderman Bob Trane finally saw his Noise Ordinance formally enrolled by a unanimous vote at the October 13th gathering of the Board of Alderman.

Modeled after an ordinance passed in Medford, the submission started off as legislative item #191924, but amended and refiled as legislative item #192076 it holds (absentee) landlords accountable for noise complaints at their property. Police called to a location can now issue fines to the landlord for repeated complaints about tenants.

This, of course, was meant to combat issues in Ward 7, however, as an enrolled ordinance it can be used city-wide.

Video of enrollment (#38)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

About time!

Now it remains for follow-up and enforcement by the proper authorities......which sometimes leaves much to be desired because some absentee landlords have "political clout" by way of money donated to politicans campaign funds; and/or, some absentee landlords also hold "key" positions in the private or municipal one in our neighborhood whose tenants are guilty of late night, early morning disturbances.