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Monday, October 31, 2011

Vote Now At Ward 5 Online...

I have decided to hold my own elections here at Ward 5 Online to get a sneak preview on what the political landscape will be after November 8th. Starting today, readers will be able to vote for their favorite candidates for all contested ward races, as well as, Alderman at Large.

For more information on the candidates, be sure to visit the Elections 2011 page where you can find the names of all running for office linked to their respective online locations (if available).

Here's the schedule:
November 1: Ward 3 Alderman
November 2: Ward 4 Alderman
November 3: Ward 7 Alderman
November 4: Alderman At Large (pick 4)

The results will be made public on Monday November 7th!


Anonymous said...

Personally I could care less about elections or Somerville politicians and appointed officeholders.

I have lived in Somerville all of my life, and have become completely disenchanted with how elected and appointed officials in Somerville handle themselves after gaining office.

When running for office, candidates for re-election or election are knocking on your door or calling by phone, or mailing you litersture; once elected,
unless a citizen is "connected" calls to them, when needed, are screened, and maybe, just maybe, they will return your call within a reasonable amount of time---if at all.

As far as the return of Tom Champion and the resignation of many other Somerville appointed officeholders, it is my opinion their coming to Somervile is a "stopgap" measure filling an employment void until something better comes along elsewhere.

There doews exist such a history of key appointed persons,coming and leaving during Mayor Curtatone's time in office.

Not sure what happened resulting in Tom Champion no longer being employed in the position in which he went to after resigning Somerville. But now employed back in Somerville, in my opinon, he will, as he, and so many others have done in the past, "jump ship" at their first opportunity.

As for elected politicians, family and friends first; the rest of us can "take a number" until these guys run for office again and come looking for your vote.

Anonymous said...


For example: cases on point.

When Curtatone went out and hired John (Hog) Hannah---former Patriot lineman as Somerville High's football coach; did Curtatone really think Hannah didn't have his sights on something bigger and better $$$$$ elsewhere?? He did, and off he went!

Same with a former Traffic and Parking, with excellent credentials, who moved on after returning from military duty in Irag.

Maybe the Somerville newspaper journalists can do a story on who was hired/appointed by Curtatone and later resigned for better positions, in his years as mayor.

Anonymous said...

The former Traffic and Parking Director referred to above, was Bill Lyons.

Anonymous said...

If you want to change the status quo-get out and vote this November 8th. Unlike in some previous years, you have alderman choices this time around.

Anonymous said...

They "all" have been choices at one time or another---once in they become the cloistered few; open only to family and friends; forgetting the fact that family and friend's votes alone were not enough to get them elected---that is, until election time rolls around again.

As for elected politicians, where do many go when no longer interested in running again, or when losing an election?

"Somehow" or "other" many end up in key paying positions.

To name a few----
Joe Maculuso----Somerville Housing Authority Director.

Jim Halloran---Head of Recreation Department.

Gene Brune---Register of Deeds

John Buonomo--Register of Probate.
[Since imprisoned for theft]

Stan Koty---Head of DPW

Also makes me laugh when people retire from key positions within the city, they not only get a nice big pension for the rest of their lives, but also flat out one-time big payment checks for sick days and vacation days not they never took a sick day or vacation during their entire time on the job. Yeah, right!!