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Monday, November 14, 2011

Increased Trespassing Enforcement At Albion Park

Albion Park on Albion Street
Basketball playing at all hours of the night, as well as, suspicious activity brought out local activist, Frank Bucca, with neighbors to the VNA on Lowell Street At November 3rd's committee meeting on Public Health and Public Safety. Frank described sleepless nights and offered suggestions to a representative from the Somerville Police Department to walk the entire perimeter of the park as tresspassors hide in corners and bushes out of sight from cruisers. Bucca also suggested adhering to the 10pm curfew, prompting White to make a motion that the police be more active in their enforcement and inform violators that they are trespassing and could be arrested if they violate the closing hours in the future.

Corresponding legislative item #192096 (That the Committee on Public Health and Safety place Albion Park and its related noise issues on the next possible agenda to discuss lighting and basketball play at all hours of the night) was part of this past Thursday's acceptance of the committee report and will remain in committee until the issue has been resolved.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bucca spoke for many of the abutting residents; and in addition to residents present at the meeting, he also spoke for those residents who, for one reason or another, could not make the meeting, but fed up with the late night, after 10:00 PM, noise disrupting sleeping children and sleeping working adults.

Such a shame, because it is such a beautiful recently renovated playground for the enjoyment of all who care to use it as intended.

All abutting residents having received a flyer notice of the meeting distributed to houses by Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan on the subject of late night noise at Albion Playground to be discussed at that meeting.

Anonymous said...

By the way. it is not only after hours late night basketball playing being the problem, other late night "activities" also contributing to the problem at that park.