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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy Somerville Group Formed on Facebook

Matthew McLaughlin, a founding member of Save Our Somerville, has started a Facebook like page to bring the passion of the originals that Occupied Wall Street and Boston to Somerville. The page boasts over 200 "likes" in only 72 hours of inception into the online world.

Lately, Save our Somerville, has been heavily supporting a Local Hiring Ordinance submitted by Alderman At Large Bruce Desmond. The 11 page draft lays out the entire process that a developer would go through started from job descriptions, advertisement of open positions, and leading to defined percentages of hiring that would be designated for Somerville residents. The ordinance also calls for quarterly reports detailing the employment of residents, customized job training, and a nondiscrimination policy.

Save our Somerville has been a strong advocate of local hiring, as well as, a prominant fixture at Legislative Matters meetings and picket lines at Somerville developments including Maxwell's Green located in Ward 5.

The group will host meetings to discuss the focus and direction of Occupy Somerville.

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