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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simplicity is Bliss at Three Little Figs

A huge welcome to Three Little Figs located at 278 B Highland Ave (after Eastham Road) who opened recently in Ward 5! I stopped by today for an iced coffee and was greeted with great service and a filled house!

I found the new business to be clean, well setup, and simply run with no cluttered menu board or check out space. Featuring pies, scones, extended coffee-based drink selection and beautifull displayed food, it is a great addition to a line of Highland Avenue day businesses that, I'm sure, will keep the staff of Three Little Figs very busy.

When waiting for my coffee to be ready, I realized that the menu board (pictured) also serves as overhead cabinets for cups and plates used in the seating section. Behind the glass is premade sandwiches and other delectables that made me regret eating at the house before I left for the morning. I also noticed that the establishment uses an iPad to ring up customers orders and run debit cards for purchases-a compliment to their already modern and clean feel.

Three cooks in the back, two serving food, one at the register, and one making coffee keeps this place running efficiently and quickly, keeping customers happy and their tables turning over quickly.

The best of luck to all involved at Three Little Figs! Welcome to Ward 5 and big thanks to my contact, Karen, who tipped me off about this place!

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