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Monday, November 21, 2011

They're Baaaack!

I always envisioned a large pad of numbered paper on the wall in the Mayor's Office with the title, "Days Left Until I Can Put The Meters Back In Magoun Square." Every morning, with coffee cup in hand, he would pull off the paper and smile as the numbers descended every 24 hours. I bet he even went in on Sunday too!

Well, that number came to zero recently as his beloved parking meters were reinstalled in the struggling Magoun Square. Seen above, they are the old meters with the yellow stickers informing parkers that they need to feed until 8pm. I wonder how much those stickers cost?

The meters were reinstalled on the odd side of Medford Street (Lil' Vinny's side), in front of On The Hill Tavern down to Woody's Liquors, and on the even side just after Lowell Street to Trull.

For those of you visiting Magoun Square, here is a map to show you the parking options. If you are a resident with a current resident parking sticker, please remember that you can park on residential streets, in the lot on Saturday and on Sundays for free. For those of you who are out of town, there is two hour parking on Broadway, top of Lowell, and a block away from the square. You can also park on Charles E. Ryan Road which is uncatogorized.

View Magoun Square Parking Outline in a larger map

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