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Monday, December 12, 2011

Meeting On Cedar Street Royal White Location Scheduled For Tonight...

Sorry for the late notice, folks, but I received word that there will be a meeting regarding the Royal White Laundry location at 181 Cedar Street tonight starting at 6pm.

The meeting was called by Alderman At Largers Connolly, Sullivan and Desmond where a condo proposal will be discussed. Please note that Alderman Sean O'Donovan had to recuse himself from speaking as an elected official as he owns a home on Warwick Street. He can speak as an abutter, though.


Anonymous said...

What did they say? How many units? Will there be ground floor retail? Is the Royal White building at 13 Warwick also going away? Isn't Royal White seriously behind on property taxes, I saw an article in the Somerville Journal showing they were in the top 10 in late payments.

Courtney said...

Thank you for your enthusiasm. The recap of this meeting has been posted.