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Sunday, December 18, 2011

School Committee To Choose Chairman & Vice Chairman for 2012

Members of the School Committee will convene at 6:45pm, right before their last meeting of the year, to elect a President and Vice President. This year, Adam Sweeting of Ward 3 and Paul Bockelman of Ward 6 led the committee as they navigated their way through 2011, filled with such fun items as scathing online articles on the Somerville Public School System, as welll as, the most recent proposal for a 2nd Charter School.

The agenda has been posted on the Somerville Public School System page dedicated to the School Committee.

The final meeting of 2011, will take place in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall at 7pm. Similarly to the Board of Alderman meetings, you can watch the meeting live on Channel 16 (Comcast) or Channel 13 (RCN). This meeting will be rebroadcast at various times throughout the week, as well as, streamed live on the internet. A video of the meeting is saved on the City's Meeting Portal under the Recent Media header.

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