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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ward 5 ResiStat Meeting Set For December 6th!

Mayor Curtatone, ResiStat Staff, and Alderman Sean O'Donovan invite all Ward 5 residents to the Fall ResiStat Meeting being held at the VNA (259 Lowell Street) in the 3rd Floor Community Room on December 6th from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Following the official meeting, is a meet & greet with light refreshments from 8-8:30pm. This location is wheelchair accessible.

Before attending this meeting and/or if you cannot make, but have concerns, be sure to fill out the ResiStat Survey that compiles issues and interests that will make up the agenda for the evening.

ResiStat describes, "ResiStat holds twice-yearly Neighborhood Meetings in each Ward in Somerville that are attended by the Mayor, the Ward's Alderman, the city's Aldermen-at-Large, City officials, and a variety of residents of all ages and backgrounds. These meetings are a chance to speak with your elected officials and receive updates on important policies and programs in the city."

For more information, visit and click the "Meetings" tab. Or contact Denise Taylor at or 617-625-6600 ext. 2103.


Anonymous said...

Every Ward 5 meeting announcement mentions Mayor Curtacone will be present; at every such meeting I have attended he has not appeared.
At some of the meetings even the ward alderman has not appeared, or either arrived late and/or left early.
Same with one or two Alderman-At--Large.

No harm, no foul I guess!

Also a good idea if the Ward 5 Community Police Officer could be there.

Courtney said...

Thanks for leaving a comment!

I just wanted to point out that the last Ward 5 ResiStat meeting was scheduled the same day as Somerville High School's graduation which caused both the Mayor and the Ward 5 School Committee Representative to be absent.

Florentine Pogen said...

So, you're saying that the rocket surgeons who schedule the ResiStat meetings were unaware of SHS's graduation date? Obviously, they've got a stranglehold on the city's inner workings. I can't tell you how that fills me with confidence in their decision making abilities.

Anonymous said...

To say nothing about the adult Ward 5 relatives and friends of graduates who could of, or would have, attended the ResiStat meeting but chose the "conflicting" graduation ceramonies instead; as two of my neighbors did who otherwise would if attended the Ward 5 meeting.

There is a caveat attached to every ResiStat meeting announcement regarding the possibility of the meeting date being changed if a conflict arose.