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Monday, January 9, 2012

Board of Alderman Committee Assignments For 2012

Besides their bi-weekly meetings, the members of the Board of Alderman also assume roles in standing committees. The following list is what committees the members sit on for 2012. The President of the BOA (Tom Taylor in this case) assigns the members to specific committees.

Confirmation of Appointments: Bruce Desmond, William Roche, Robert Trane, Sean O’Donovan,
Tony Lafuente

Finance: Maryann Heuston, William White, John Connolly, Robert Trane,
Thomas Taylor

Housing and Community Development: Tony Lafuente, Rebekah Gewirtz, Dennis Sullivan

Information Technology: Bruce Desmond, William Roche, Rebekah Gewirtz

Land Use: William White, Tony Lafuente, Sean O’Donovan

Legislative Matters: Rebekah Gewirtz, John Connolly, Bruce Desmond, William White,
Thomas Taylor

Licenses and Permits: Dennis Sullivan, Robert Trane, Maryann Heuston

Public Health and Public Safety: William White, William Roche, Rebekah Gewirtz

Public Utilities and Public Works: Sean O’Donovan, Robert Trane, John Connolly

Senior Services: Dennis Sullivan, William White, John Connolly

Traffic and Parking: William Roche, Robert Trane, Tony Lafuente

Veterans and Public Services: John Connolly, Dennis Sullivan, William Roche

Youth Services: Maryann Heuston, Bruce Desmond, Dennis Sullivan

Capital Planning: Robert Trane, Maryann Heuston, Bruce Desmond
Environment and Energy: Rebekah Gewirtz, Maryann Heuston, Sean O’Donovan
Flood Forum Committee: Maryann Heuston, William Roche, Bruce Desmond, William White

Affordable Housing Trust: Tony Lafuente
MultiCultural Affiars:
Traffic: William Roche

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lafuente on Land Use?! Come on. He'll toe the mayor's line of over-development everywhere they can get it. Right now, the city wants to change Wilson Square, especially Elm St., from residential to commercial. It doesn't technically touch Ward 5 but comes awfully close.

The residents (including me) are completely PO'ed because the city's argument is, revenue over residents apparently. Most of the Planning Board seem to be on the city's side but we hope they will come around next week at the vote.

Guarantee Mr. Lafuente and Mr. O'Donovan will side with the revenue when it reaches the BOA. By the way, there still is no proposal to do anything with Magoun Square (which really needs redevelopment).