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Monday, January 2, 2012

Comprehensive Plan...The Only Place Where Magoun is as Cool as Union

I love Magoun Square.
In his op-ed published in the Somerville News, Mayor Curtatone rolls out the red carpet for the Comprehensive Plan that has been in the works for two years. In reading it, I came across a statement in which the Mayor admits that there are two squares that stand prominent and a few that, well, just don't.

He writes, "In the coming year, we will be rolling out our city’s new comprehensive development plan, which was hammered out over the past two years with the active engagement and participation of residents in every neighborhood – another example of a “Grand Union” in action.  It’s a plan in which every square and neighborhood has a stake, and where the success of new development at Assembly Square or Brickbottom serves to complement the continued development of the city as a whole.  It’s a plan in which Magoun Square, East Somerville, Ball Square, Winter Hill and Teele Square feature as prominently as Davis and Union Squares do."

No further explanation as to what he meant was given, but the last thing Somerville needs is for certain squares to be insulted by comparison. Mayor Curtatone's administration has the power to make all squares in Somerville prominent and, hopefully, 2012 is the year he realizes that.


Anonymous said...

I live in one of the non-Davis, non-Union Squares, and I'm not the least bit insulted by the comparison. My square ISN'T as good as Davis or Union, and it DOES need more attention and improvement.

Anonymous said...

I too live in one of those squares and felt the op-ed should've been more tactfully written. Some of these squares are struggling and the process to get them improved is frustrating. To kick us while we're down sucks.

Joe-be nice!

Anonymous said...

I wonder would the "comeback" repercussions would of been from the "Gouners" if the Mayor failed to mention Magoun Square in that quoted excerpt.

I would opine that the "Gouners" would of expressed "dismay" if Magoun Square was not mentioned in the Mayor's message.

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time certain squares have been left out. During a past election season, the Mayor left out Magoun in a mailing, but mentioned others. Mention them all or don't mention any.

Not Optimistic said...

I have only lived in ward 5 since 1986 (so, according to some I'm a relative newcomer) but I have seen the deterioration of Magoun Square with my own eyes while this, and previous, administration's focus has been on Davis, Union and, especially, Assembly Squares. I do not believe this will change any time soon.

I do believe the revitalization of Magoun Square would take foresight, creativity and, above all, desire that would appear to be lacking in this city's current administration.

Sorry, Courtney. :-(

Anonymous said...

If anyone has "visions" of Magoun Square being anything more than a "neighborhood" commercial enclave, as it was, successfully, years ago----don't bet on it.

Any commercial enterprise that goes into that square should realize---unlike Davis Square and possibly Union Square; and definitely Assembly Square, the target audience will be comprised mainly of local adjacent walk-in residents as it was years ago.

That square is what it is and has been... viz: nothing more than a "neighborhood" square. Business owners years ago--many of them local residents themselves-- who realized that geared their objectives accordingly and succeeded.
Those entities gone, in all too many cases, only because the "old-timers" (original owners) either died or retired, and their next generation or two, had no interest in continuing the business.

Those retail entities who fail to realize the limitations and restrictions in setting up their business in that square are doomed to failure. An exception or two for sure, but one exception or two does not "make" that square in the eyes of many beholders.

Unknown said...

you might want to look at a more basic level... there are ideas within planning that don't neccessarily include the best interests of individual property owners... check this out:

a few resources: (buy her book - Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 -great resource)

I am fighting a different battle in the same war... "Comprehensive Planning" on a local basis... you should google "Your Town/County" + "Comprehensive Plan" and read it... wrap your head with Duct Tape in case your head explodes...

I am intent on creating a National Conference (in Nashville) to teach a hand-to-gland combat style "How To" 3-day intensive workshop style boot camp on how to use legal, political, grassroots and guerrilla warfare against Sustainable Anything...

It is in the embryonic idea stage... Facebook me if you want to stay informed...
this is our local fight, but the info can be useful to your local fight...

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We are fighting the property rights-stripping trend of "Sustainable Development", "Smart Growth" and Agenda 21.

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Anonymous said...

With Magoun Square the proof is in the doing----cripes, the square is still under the control of the State since the millions spent on physical street and sidewalk betterments were completed.

Betterments, by the way, that were supposedly designed to help the existing businesses. On the contrary, some businesses have since vacated.

The city can't even get the new traffic lites installed at Lowell and Medford Streets on full red/green; must wait until the State turns control of the square back to the city.
Whats it been now....a year???

Whatever else is in store in regard to improvments favoring businesses, as for me, and many others, will believe when it gets done.

The problem with some of the businesses that have come and gone after a short period of time, several of which were ethnic oriented (mostly Brazilian) they came under-capitalized fully expecting immediate profit success---not to be.

Rhetoric is fine; but what's needed is political PUSH, not rhetorical PULL.
Physically, if Magoun Square remains as currently is, all the rhetoric in the world will not change a thing.