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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hot Topic of 2011: The Headlines between the Headlines

 The one thing I have learned during my short stint in the blog world is that there is always something to post even if it gets posted in smaller font. Granted, some of these headlines weren’t of the Assembly Square Bond caliber, but they certainly filled my website during the quieter times in Somerville.

Somerville discovers Facebook & Twitter
2011 was the year of Somerville gaining presence on the social media scene. 311, The City of Somerville, and even the Police Department obtained Twitter handles and Facebook pages, increasing their connection with the tech-savvy demographic. The city of Somerville's "newly launched in 2011" website has an entire page dedicated to their online presence if you want to friend them, like them, or follow them.

Candidates for this past election season even took to the popular social networking sites to spread the word on canvassing, fundraisers, and opportunities to sign nomination papers among many other announcements.

311 goes mobile…
Acknowledging the importance of mobility, 311 took to the App world when they launched a smart phone/tablet friendly application where users can report everything from a broken parking meter to a pot hole. The free App requires an account, but the follow-up when your issue is resolved is definitely worth the download!

New Faces on the media circuit…
They are the people that fill different online spaces and places with all things Somerville and 2011 saw old faces move out and new faces move in. In August, a Ward 7 blog popped up, shedding more light on the ward that experienced the only primary election. Danielle Dreilinger, Boston Globe reporter, who wrote a controversial article on the Somerville School System that prompted a response letter by the School Committee left the newspaper while Katie Lannigan left her home at Somerville Patch to move on to Frontline. The exit of Deb Filcman brought the introduction to Jillian Finnemore at the Somerville Journal and the City of Somerville picked up a great addition to their ResiStat team when Denise Taylor left as editor of Somerville Patch, making way for Chris Orchard.

She was the most influential media-based woman in Somerville for many years, but late 2011 brought the announcement that the wonderfully notorious Kat Powers would grace the Red Cross of Eastern Massachusetts with her presence as Director of Communications. Kat leaves behind a great legacy here in Somerville and will be sorely missed by readers of both print and online articles.

SomerBridge Smackdown: The Biggest Littlest Headline
Who knew one little comment by Cambridge’s Ken Reeves would get gain him hisses at a meeting, a letter by Mayor Joe Curtatone and start a squabble between Somerville and Cambridge that would lead to t-shirts and a twitter feed? Ken said that Somerville was not interesting prompting Joe to give examples that Somerville is interesting and the SomerBridge Smackdown was on! Who won? Who cares!? That was fun!

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