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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Somerville Hospital Approved for New Signage

The ZBA gave Cambridge Health Alliance the green light to add signage to the Somerville Hospital campus to direct drivers from either side of Highland Avenue to different points around the location including the Emergency Room.

The signage will be located at different points around the building and will be illuminated along with lettering directly on the structure.

The board heard testimony from an abutter, employee of Somerville Hospital, and Stephen Mackey of the Chamber of Commerce all of whom praised the addition as the area needs more illumination for safety and visibility reasons.

The approval does come with conditions, available in the ZBA online library of reports and decisions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I can remember when the only signage surrounding the perimeter of the "old" Somerville Hospital (well before Cambridge Health Alliance took over; and well before their buying out the houses down to Highland Avenue and extending their complex down to the avenue as we know it today) there were sidewalk signs reading "Quiet, Hospital Zone."

Of course that was when Somerville Hospital was a "FULL SERVICE" facility" with overnight bed patients; had a maternity ward, a children's ward, an adult female ward, and adult male ward; and on-staff doctors and nurses second to none.
Nurse having graduated from the hospital's own nursing school at the top of Lowell Street.....building still there but no longer used as a nursing school.