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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Word Around the Ward...

It is 2012 now and things seem to be rolling along for the Board of Alderman and School Committee after their beautiful Inauguration this past week that featured a reception held and catered by Ward 5 businesses! The Armory and Olde Magoun's Saloon offered two of the best reasons to attend this event.

Magoun Square continues to struggle as another business has left and Basil Tree experienced the vandalism of their vans in the CVS parking lot. Broken windows, stolen items, and slashed tires were not the way the company wanted to start of the new year.

The last few committee meetings of 2011 were nothing more than "house cleaning" gatherings, preparing legislative items for new committee chairs chosen by new Board president Tom Taylor. Once chairs are chosen, I'll certainly be the first to bring them up to speed on work started in 2011 for Ward 5 issues including the economic development of Magoun Square, safety issues on the Community Path, and on-going development around the ward. Have issues? Be sure to email Alderman O'Donovan or any of the Alderman at Large.

Speaking of meetings, both the School Committee and the Board of Alderman begin their formal meeting schedule the week of January 9th. School Committee will meet the 9th and the BOA is on for the 12th with both starting at 7pm.

Guess who got to dance with both Mayor Joe Curtatone and Alderman at Large candidate Todd Easton on Monday at the Inauguration? Don't be jealous!

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