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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

YMCA at Foss Park?

Mayor Joe Curtatone's State of the City address at last night's inauguration was a little of the expected and unexpected. He, again, pumped the publicity of the Comprehensive Plan for this year and pointed out all of the city's environmental initiatives. But, it was a comment regarding Foss Park that got a lot of people talking back at the reception held at the Armory.

Giving the attendees at last night's Inauguration a little treat, Mayor Joe Curtatone revealed that the City is exploring the possibility "of a major new multi-service recreational facility on the grounds at Foss Park." The Mayor went on to say, "We can embrace them because we know they are exactly what our residents need and expect from their city – and because we know that happier communities are healthier and more productive communities."

A couple of years ago, there was a board order asking for the administration to explore the possibility of a community center. Going forward, the site of the Powderhouse School was considered, but crunching the numbers proved the project too expensive for the city. Recently, a boxing club has opened, but expansion into a full community center doesn't seem likely.

Is the multi-service recreational facility the answer that most Alderman have been looking for?

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Indianapolis Superbowl said...

City officials say it is too early to comment on any specific details of negotiations with the state. But under both prior agreements, the DCR upgraded the facilities before turning them over to the city.