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Monday, February 27, 2012

Meeting With Public Works and Utilities Scheduled for February 29th: Residents, Business Owners Strongly Encouraged to Attend!

Picture of Double Pole taken in 2008.
This pole has since been fixed.
In a battle that has been on going for years, the Committee on Public Works and Utilites, chaired by Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan, is still in pursuit of NStar, Comcast, RCN, and Verizon for double poles, with NStar also being cited for repeated, unexpected power outages and for not contacting business owners and government officials with information on scheduled outages.

At the request of the entire Board of Alderman, residents and business owners are strongly encouraged to attend this meeting to inform representatives from all companies about the negative impacts that the above mentioned issues cause.

Thursday's Board of Aldermen meeting brought numerous comments on the subject in which several elected officials commented on both double poles and outages. Alderman Trane mentioned a YouTube video made in Ward 7 showing double poles and Alderman At Large Dennis Sullivan pointed out the numerous power outages that Magoun Square has suffered. The most recent one was just a couple of months ago.

The agenda is posted on the City's Meeting Portal and features other legislative items that will be discussed that night.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, please contact your Ward Alderman and all four Aldermen At Large with your experiences!

2/29/2012 at 7pm 
City Hall

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James Dunne said...

Good news, Verizon and NStar have apparently committed to removing 50+ poles. This Globe article is short on details, but it's definitely a step in the right direction:

Verizon, NStar pledge removal of 56 double poles in Somerville