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Friday, February 3, 2012

Public Health & Safety Clean House & Talk Unleashed Dogs...

The last few meetings of the year are similar to the first few meetings of the year in which the presiding chair person does as much house cleaning of legislative items for that particular committee as possible. This is no different with the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety as they mark some items completed and begin discussions on newly submitted legislation.

The meeting will be held on Monday February 6th at 6:30pm in the Committee Room – 2nd Floor – City Hall.

The posted agenda features the following topics:

· 189248: Discuss in Committee That This Board’s Subcommittee on Public Health and Public Safety Invite the Owner(S) of the Armory Building to a Meeting to Discuss Their Inability to Contain Noise During Performances.

· 190149: Discuss in Committee That the Clerk of Committees send a communication to the owner of the Armory, requesting that he provide the committee with a timeline for completing the work to abate the noise emanating from the building.

· 190167: Recommend Submitting the City’s Evaluation and Strategic Plan for the Fire Dept.

· 190957: Discuss in Committee That the City Solicitor and the Director of SPCD (ISD) provide recommendations for the abandoned property at 47 Harrison Street, and advise this Board on actions the city can take to address safety and health issues as well as taxes and fees owed the city.

· 192046: Discuss in Committee That the Director of SPCD dispatch the Neighborhood Inspection Team to 113-115 Hillsdale Road to examine the property for code violations.

· 192056: Discuss in Committee That the Commissioner of Public Works, or his representative, attend the next meeting of the Public Health and Safety Committee to discuss further measures to reduce the noise of the freezer fan at the Winter Hill Community School.

· 192345: Discuss in Committee That the Chief of Police advise this Board on the safety measures in place in the Lexington Park area of the community path with respect to dogs off leash.

· 192350: Discuss in Committee City Solicitor responding to #192224 re: health insurance coverage for survivors under GIC.

· 192433: Discuss in Committee That the Director of SPCD (ISD) inform this Board of the steps planned to ensure construction at Assembly Square is in keeping with the building codes, in light of the recent fire in Quincy at a development constructed by Avalon Bay.

· 192439: Discuss in Committee That the Chief of Police provide the Committee on Public Health and Safety with an analysis of crimes and arrests in 2011 compared with 2006 through 2010.

· 192465: Discuss in Committee That the Director of SPCD (ISD) and the City Solicitor direct the owner of 34 Glenwood Road to take appropriate measures to rectify any conditions that might pose a safety hazard to the surrounding neighborhood.

· 192481: Discuss in Committee That the Chief of Police inspect the area behind 1, 3, and 5 Woodbine Street and Somerville Junction Park for illegal drug activity, and conduct directed patrols there without compromising the element of surprise.

· 192482: Discuss in Committee That the Superintendent of Inspectional Services appear before the Committee on Public Health and Safety to provide an update on rodent abatement efforts in the Curtis Street area.

Among the other Ward 5 items, is an issue I asked to be submitted regarding unleashed dogs on the Community Path. At this meeting, I will offer some suggestions for residents to assist the City in tracking unleashed dogs and the most common times this is an issue on the path. In my follow-up post on the meeting, I will include these suggestions along with the committee's feedback.

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