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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Radar Feedback Pilot Back in Ward 5

Radar at Lowell Street bridge
Commuters along the Lowell Street bridge have been faced with a return of the Radar Feedback Pilot Program when approaching the bridge from Medford Street proceeding towards Highland Avenue. This program was piloted last April starting in Wards 5 and 2 for traffic calming with the solar powered radar then moving over to Ward 7 to gain data.

Initially, residents welcomed the program as it followed on the heels of a ResiStat meeting that reintroduced concerns surrounding crossing on the south side of the Lowell Street bridge at the VNA and Princeton Street. New signage was posted with the radar following a few months later prompted by submissions to the Board of Alderman by Ward 5 Representative Sean O'Donovan.

The sign has been placed at the same location for data comparison purposes. A few differences will definitely have to be taken into consideration including increased construction on the Maxwell's Green development which have resulted in vehicles utilizing the new ramp at Lowell Street to enter the site, as well as, the design of the Community Path extension to Lowell Street. This is keeping in line with one of the main purposes of the program which has been described as "part of the City's ongoing efforts to increase pedestrian and bicycle safety, and to make Somerville more walkable, pedestrian- and bike-friendly community," according to the City of Somerville. Construction for the Community Path should begin in 2012 with completion slated for 2013. Maxwell's Green should be completed soon thereafter and will feature 184 units of luxury apartments with 25 designated as affordable.

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Anonymous said...

Historically there has been much "talk" over the years from residents and city officials; and the implementation of "short-term" speed enforcement since day-one of the re-opening of that new bridge--but the bottom line, that bridge, before renovation, and after renovation; and Lowell Street from Highland Avenue to Medford Street, and vice-versa, has never ceased to be a SPEEDWAY no matter what direction of travel.

18 wheeler trailer trucks, and box trucks, servicing the businesses between Albion Street and the bridge---when parked loading or unloading their goods-- create visual obstructions for both pedistrians and moving vehicles; particularly for vehicles entering Lowell Street from Woodbine, Albion and Alpine Streets.

Parked utility trucks--N-STAR, etc. also contribute to the visual problems....and yet idiot drivers still speed and are "on" drivers entering Lowell from Woodbine, Albion and Alpine who can't see the speeding drivers until both drivers are in harm's way.