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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Who?...What?...Why?...For The Massachusetts Political Scene

Never afraid to put my name on political possibilities (sounds better than rumors doesn't it?), here is the official posting for the Who?...What?...Why?...For The Massachusetts  Political Scene! 

Jehlen retiring? Governor Curtatone? Who knows!? However, here is the space where you can vet out all of the scenarios and name names! 

The possibilities are endless… 
There was a conversation at a Council on Aging gathering about Mayor Joe Curtatone possibly running for Governor, but most insist he won't leave until his baby, Assembly Square, sees actual construction of the retail shops (post T stop construction according to my sources). 

Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan has been rumored to be eyeing Pat Jehlen's seat while some speculate she's retiring. At the 2011 inauguration held at City Hall, she laughed about the retirement rumor, so I'm saying that's not true. The PDSers seem to be a target as the mill is spinning in 7 that Bob Trane will challenge Carl Sciortino again. This leaves a possibility of Wards 5 and 7 being open to new representation. 

Here's what we do know… 
There's going to be a showdown in Somerville for Southern Middlesex County Register of Deeds between the Brune-enodorsed Maryann Heuston and the non-politician Maria Curtatone. Both have respect, neither have websites. Will Maryann leave her position as Ward 2 Alderman? My sources say 'no.' 

Comment away…


Anonymous said...

Predictions based on past and present rumors both on this site and elsewhere -

Trane loses to Sciortino again and declares his last year in office. Ward 7 opens and sees Ballantyne vs Puglia vs one of the Capuanos.

Jehlen announces retirement and Senate seat sees O'Donovan vs Provost vs Dennis Sullivan vs Bill White vs one of the Capuanos vs someone from Cambridge.

Heuston beats Maria curtatone, and Ward 2 will be vacant, Board appoints a non-PDSer to fill term.

Curtatone runs for Gov in 2014 (but will declare he is not running for reelection in 2013 to campaign full time). Open seat for Mayor sees LaFuente vs Bill White vs Mike Capuano Jr vs Gewirtz.

So how do the open races play out?

Anonymous said...

Jehlen retires...Gewirtz runs

Jehlen doesn't retire...Sean runs

Sean runs, wins. Court? Do expect Joe Lynch and Mark Neidergang to run with Carlene Campbell as a possibility because they are going to keep the "good old gang" in there as much as possible. Court, you could take all three, but Lynch will be vicious with you. Wear a helmet.

Bob runs, wins. Cap goes up against Katjanna-no Puglia. Cap wins.

I don't think Curtatone will run for Governor. If I am wrong-I see Bill White as Mayor, leaving an @ Large open. Easton will come back for @ Large, but Fitzgerald would win. Martinez had a good shot at one point-possibility.

School Committee=Same with potential change in 5 if Mark runs for Sean's seat. Then again, Rossettie could step up in 7. Katjanna would then go for SC.

Heuston wins and will quit her day job but won't leave as Ward 2 Alderman.

James1 said...

I don't see Sean winning anything larger than Wd 5. I really don't. The Probate Race debacle, the Craigie Street debacle ...

Heuston won't keep her Ward 2 seat if she wins Deeds. I don't even think it's legal. I don't think White would run for Mayor, and I don't think Cap Jr. would start as low as ward alderman. A congressman's kid does not start with small potatos like that.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree with you more, James1.

The frustration with Jehlen is at an all time high right now & Sean's more similar to Charlie Shannon. If The Probate Race debacle, the Craigie Street debacle didn't take the Alderman title from him it won't stop his rise to the state level. Those issues were prior to Joe Lynch running against him and it didn't do much for Joe's vote amount-600ish compared to Sean's 1200ish.

Mike Capuano Sr. started on the city level and I see his son doing the same thing-IF HIS SON EVEN RUNS. Lots of speculation but he never ran in 2011.

James1 said...

Anonymous, as I recall, the Craigie Street construction happened in 2008, after Lynch ran. And yes, even though Sean may be like Charlie Shannon (God bless him), the district has changed. Jehlen is disliked because she is ineffectual. I just think Sean would have a difficult time portraying himself as a progressive to the rest of Somerville, Cambridge, Winchester, etc., which I think the district wants.

As for Cap Jr., I didn't say that he'd run for Congress ("pulling an arrogant Joe Kennedy III"). I just said I don't think he needs to start at ward Alderman if he chose to run. He's already on a prominent citywide board and has huge name recognition.

We had lots of people who speculated a run last year who didn't, for whatever reason. Rossetti, Heuston for Mayor, Sean for Mayor, Cap Sr. for Senate, etc.

This is the RUMOR MILL! That's part of the fun of it, relaying rumors we hear around the city, not reporting with absolute fact (and doing a little speculative what-ifs, too).

Anonymous said...

James1 is correct, Craigie Street was post 2007 election season and put some stains on O'D. Lynch is has-been and should not be taken seriously or as a threat.

I don't think Capuano Jr will run. He just got married and his day job is heating up. He has the pedigree for bigger & better.

If Bill White goes for mayor, you better believe LaFuente will put his son up for the open at large seat.

Courtney said...

Hello, everyone,

Thank you so much for your comments, but a quick reminder to refrain from insults even if it's a jab at their character. Lets keep it clean & above the belt.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know anything about LaFuente's son? How old is he? Is he in school? Work? And why wouldn't Tony LaFuente himself run at large if there is an open seat?

Agreed that Lynch is better off as a pundit.

I'm not sure what you mean by Capuano Jr having a pedigree for bigger and better? That he will not enter politics at all, or will start running at a higher office than alderman? Based on last year's reporting by Metzger of the Som Journal, it seemed like he was not running because his wedding was the week of the election. I don't know much about his day job.

Courtney said...

Good morning, everyone, again!

Being as Andrew LaFuente is one of my most beloved former students (yes, I was a teacher before I was a blogger) I feel the need to respond to your questions.

Andrew (I think) graduated from Bentley and works at Flagraphics with his father.

I had the opportunity to have a brief conversation with Andrew at Dennis Sullivan's fundraiser last year and I was impressed, but not surprised, by the gentleman that he had become. He is gracious, smart, and welcoming. There's a warmth about Andrew that will be very well received should he ever decide to enter the public life. Speaking to him makes one feel as though they are the most important person in the world to him. He is very polite towards me which I appreciate.

There have been many viable candidates that have run for office in Somerville. Some have been mentioned in this comment section alone. NONE have the approachability that Andrew has with the exception of Todd Easton and (maybe) Sean Fitzgerald.

I must admit that Sean O'Donovan has a nice energy about him, but landing him for more than a few minutes is next to impossible given his busy work and political schedule. This can come off as abrupt, but it's really not his personality and should not be taken personally.

You need more than just the same old, same old when running for office in the ever changing city of Somerville. I, for one, would love to see Andrew elected some day. Pffft...I'd vote for him ;)

As far as Tony LaFuente is concerned, I don't think he would run for an At Large position as he has found his niche being the Ward 4 Alderman.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Courtney, I've never seen you so ON for someone who hasn't run before. Almost makes it seem like the absence of praise of the other suggested candidates implies something about them ... or that you know more about Youg Mr. La Fuente's intentions than you let on.

Courtney said...

I don't know, for sure, if Andrew has intentions of entering the public life. I just recognize talent and potential when I see it.

Both Todd and Sean were viable candidates. I wish Todd spent a year or two getting to know the workings of/issues on the political scene in Somerville and I wish Sean was more visible post-Dorothy Kelly administration. Both, however, pulled amazing numbers during election season!

I know Todd is staying active and visible, but I haven't seen much of Sean. Word in the ward is that he is in the pool of potential candidates for a State seat.

Anonymous said...

I read the same thing about Sean Fitzgerald.

Anonymous said...

sean fitzgerald may be looking at a State seat but if he is not getting publicity or out in the district how does he think he is going to win? also i dont know andrew lafuente but if courtney likes him so do i!
capuano jr. has been back in the news again for the porter square issues and toodd easton was glad handing at the democratic caucases, so i dont count either of them out for something soon.

Anonymous said...

Maria and Maryann just hit the twitter scene this week, but Maria also has a youtube video up of her at the caucus. Maryann posted a pic of her, alderman, state officials on facebook. Tit for tat.

What are the odds Cap jr goes up against a state rep?

Anonymous said...

agree...gotta stay visible during the even years if you want to stay on the radar in the ville.

race b/t curtatone and heuston should be good to watch. who does everyone like?

curtatone as gov would be great...we'd get the greenline!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heuston/Curtatone race will predict the future of Joe Curtatone. Joe has to go full-out for his sister or look like he doesn't care about family. So he will go all out. If Maria C loses (especially if she loses by a lot), Joe C will be seen, right or wrong, to have weak GOTV in Middlesex, where he should be strongest. And if Maria C wins, Joe C's organization can use that momentum to help him go further statewide.

I agree with others - Andrew La Fuente and younger Capuano can be the next generation of Somerville leaders if they decide to get in. They are both very smart and capable, and can appeal to both "old Somerville" and "new Somerville." Both also have the possibility to go further than just the Ville too.

Anonymous said...

You wrote:

Maria and Maryann just hit the twitter scene this week, but Maria also has a youtube video up of her at the caucus. Maryann posted a pic of her, alderman, state officials on facebook. Tit for tat.

What are the odds Cap jr goes up against a state rep?

This IS going to be a hard fought race for deeds. I'm saddened to see Heuston and Maria run for this kind of job - i think they're more qualified than what this job requires.

As for Cap Jr, not sure he or Trane can beat Sciotino. Last time Trane ran, Sciotino was able to rely on the statewide Mass Equality crew who broke their backs for him. No way they would let the most prominent openly gay legislator go down without a fight.

Anonymous said...

Court, what are your thoughts (for people other than you) for the upcoming seasons?

Courtney said...


Great question! As I have said in the past, I don’t endorse, but I will offer some scenarios that could play out this election season…

My knee jerk reaction is that no member of the Board of Alderman will move unless Joe Curtatone moves-which I don’t think is going to happen in 2012. I don’t see Bob Trane running as he has just come off of a hellish campaign trail for Ward 7 Alderman.

Similarly, I don’t think Sean O’Donovan will run as he is not finished with Ward 5 or Somerville, as a whole, for that matter.

The showdown for deeds is between Maryann Heuston and Maria Curtatone-both have the name, recognition, and professional ability to do the job. I know there is a gentleman from Arlington, as well, but Gene’s endorsement of a Somerville candidate (Heuston) puts the race there. I envision Maryann maintaining her position of Ward 2 Alderman should she be victorious, but should prepare for a challenger come 2013. Should Curtatone be the winner, I see the Mayor positioning himself for a Governor run in 2014.

No races for the current state delegates…this year.

Let’s hope I’m wrong, I don’t want another boring election season!

Anonymous said...


Hate to disagree with you, but I think Sean is gonna go for it. He's been wanting to move on for a while and he's had a sweet tenure in ward 5 for over a decade.

I do agree with the Bob Trane prediction. He didn't win by much and he needs to work on his own ward.

Again, disagree, thinking Joe C is going for gov. Lets see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I just don't think Curtatone can be beat stright up for Mayor. Yes, there are many issues people can point to why they don't like him, but on the whole, there's more to like than dislike.

So IF Sean runs, I think Sean loses. If Sean runs, it will be a hard campaign and possibly negative, and will hurt him if he runs a second time.