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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Word Around The Ward...

Conversations regarding unleashed dogs on the Community Path has really sparked some interesting commentary both here and over at the Somerville News via Harry Kane's excellently written article. Some realize this is an issue while others want focus to be made on crazy cyclists, as well. Some of the most vocal are responsible dog owners who walk their leashed friends down the path only to be confronted by unleashed bullies. It seems that the SPD is really needed to put the Community back into the Community Path.

It's Cajun/Creole month at Olde Magoun's Saloon...get it while it lasts!

Basil Tree has officially left Magoun Square and, if one business owner has his way, the space will be home to a new liquor store. No official information has been released, but I will keep you posted on meeting times and agenda items.

It seems that the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety has put noise concerns regarding the Armory to rest as of their last meeting on February 6th. Deputy Mike Cabral informed the committee that no new complaints have been made prompting chairman, Bill White, to place the legislative items (dating 2010) on file.

Speaking of the Armory, life in the Cafe is heating up as they continue to succeed as both a day and night venue. During the day, you can stop by for a great sandwich, coffee drink and free WiFi and, at night, check out a poetry reading, singer songwriter or open mic. The word in the ward is that movie nights will be coming soon, but nothing has been scheduled. I hope that's true!

Lil' Vinny's is also gone as of this past Saturday, as well. It was very sad to see them go and I wish the owners and staff great luck for whatever future path they choose in life! Thanks for making the last 11 years of my life well fed :)

We'll have to start taking about the potential state races soon and, of course, the Somerville showdown between Attorney Maria Curtatone and Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Heuston for Southern Middlesex County Register of Deeds! Get those websites up, ladies!

What do Bob Trane, Sean O'Donovan, and Mayor Joe Curtatone have in common. All are rumored to be looking at running for State positions. Will Bob challenge Carl again? Will Sean give Pat a run for her money? Will we be asking Governor Curtatone for the Green Line Extension? Do stay tuned for the official Who?...What?...Why?...For The Massachusetts  Political Scene posting on Ward 5 Online. I did a similar post for the Somerville scene which became the popular post read and commented on in the website's history! FYI, I am not running for a State position...much to the dismay of my Mom and Dad ;)

Speaking of Sean O'Donovan, he'll be hosting his annual St. Patrick's Day party at The Armory (191 Highland Avenue) on March 16th! A more formal posting will be up on the website closer to the date.

As a social media fan, it's pretty disappointing how many of the former political candidates have stepped away from keeping in touch via Twitter, Facebook, and email. The only one that's been consistently tweeting is Todd Easton (Candidate for Alderman at Large). Also, you would think that they would stay active by attending meetings, but those are pretty empty, as well. As a word of advice to candidates and elected, keep your website up to date and stay visible on all media fronts! It's very easy and, when someone runs against you, it's a great way to show your track record and involvement. If you do have a website, talk to me, I bet I can suggest ways to make it stand out from the rest!

The battle for a Local Hiring Ordinance is really heating up as the Mayor's office was flooded with Valentine cards and phone calls supporting the initiative on Tuesday. Mayor Curtatone insists that he has spoken to the front line of the ordinance army, but sources say  that conversation never happened! Curtatone has said that he will veto the measure if it threatens economic development, violates the law or adds an administrative burden according to the Somerville Journal. My bet is that if supporters of the ordinance get through the first two hurdles, the third will earn the veto. How do you prove it doesn't "add an administrative burden?" Answer: you can't.

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KelseyRoth said...

I was reminded when I went to read Harry Kane's article on the Somerville News why I don't go to their site. Such spitting bile and hatred there by commentors. Makes me embarrassed to think these people live in my town. Maybe we need the SPD to enforce leashing a-holes on the Internet ;)