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Monday, February 13, 2012

YSAG Finally Gets Their Chance To Talk Traffic and Parking

The Young Somerville Advisory Committee will be meeting with the Director of Traffic and Parking, Matt Dias, this Wednesday at the TAB Building located at 167 Holland Street, Somerville 2nd floor. This meeting was originally scheduled for their January date, however, a Finance Committee meeting pulled Dias away for the night-the meeting was then rescheduled for February.

Since taking over, Dias (a Magoun Square resident) has been diligently making the department more efficient and boasts such improvements as a new website, physical changes to the reception area of the Holland Street office including an information desk, the addition of a fifth customer service window, ticket queuing system. Reach out to the community includes new radar feedback signs along roadways in several areas throughout the city (one of which was at the Lowell Street bridge) and the installation of pay-by-space parking kiosks and single space meters that accept credit cards. Most recently, the City announced that the T&P department would accept major credit cards for payment at the Holland Street office, as well as, online.

Matt has also been working in close conjunction with Magoun Square business owners and genuinely interested residents/patrons on ways to improve the parking situation in the square-one of the major reasons that business has declined in the district in the past couple of years.

In typical YSAG form, a survey has been created to provide the moderators of the meeting with agenda topics and to provide the guest with feedback. Whether you plan to attend the meeting or not, please fill out the survey with your Traffic and Parking answers, suggestions, and comments!

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