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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Armory Gets New Entrance, Support!

The entrance at the Armory is getting a face-lift while becoming ADA compliant as both the sidewalk and ramp to the front door of the arts facility is being renovated.

Following numerous complaints that resulted in a unfavorable ruling from the Architectural Access Board, the Armory has now moved forward in completely reconstructing the entrance. The renovation started on March 26th (via a Facebook and Twitter announcement...and Ron Newman. Thanks, Ron!) and will be completed by Friday, March 30th-a day before the Armory's popular Winter Farmer's Market series that runs on Saturdays from November to May.

Along with the construction, the Armory also got a boost in the form of a letter to the Somerville Journal. Author Paulette Renault-Caragianes penned Allegations of Inaccesibility at Armory Building Misleading which describes the details behind a venue change for the visit of Surgeon General Regina Benjamin. Renault-Caragianes is the Director of the Health Department for the City of Somerville.

The Armory is located at 191 Highland Avenue. The cafe is still open during construction with signs asking patrons to watch their step as they enter through the building's front door.


Ron Newman said...

And the construction appeared to be substantially complete, except for landscaping, in time for the Farmer's Market.

I don't quite know what to make of this rant:

Courtney O'Keefe said...

Thank you, Ron,

I will acknowledge the existence of the article, but have been advised by my attorneys not to comment.

Once advised to, I will comment & inform everyone as to the future of Ward 5 Online given the accusations.

Ron Newman said...

I certainly hope this doesn't affect "the future of Ward 5 Online" in any way. You are doing a lot of good work for your ward and for the whole city.