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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Licensing Commission Round Up...

Aside from supporting the license transfer for K-2 Market from McGrath Highway to Magoun Square, I was also able to see two significant rulings from last Monday's Licensing Meeting.

Last Call!
The LC is considering banning the announcement of "last call" at bars in Somerville for fear that it causes people to rush the purchase and consumption of their beverages. In conjunction with Somerville Cares About Prevention, Chairman Andrew Upton introduced the legislation for consideration at future meetings. When asked if bars still announce "last call," Ken Kelly (owner of Precinct, Foundry On Elm and other establishments) admitted that he didn't think it was still practiced. No vote was taken on this item and it will be on a future agenda.

28 to 12!
Restaurants with as little as 12 seats can now apply for available licenses much to the dismay of board member Vito Vaccaro and members of Union Square Main Streets who all voiced opposition to the change. I spoke in favor of this as it would give smaller establishments in Somerville a chance to obtain a license and compete with their larger counterparts. Chairman Upton admitted that the number was "arbitrary" as no number post 12 guarantees the applicant a license. This ruling is interesting considering the Mayor's desire to have unlimited licenses in Somerville, recently submitting a home rule petition in an effort to make that happen.

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