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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meeting Set to Discuss Proposal for 514 Medford Street in Magoun Square

514 Medford Street in Magoun Square

A meeting has been scheduled for March 15th at 6pm to discuss a proposal for the space once held by the Basil Tree at 514 (A through C) Medford Street. Basil Tree left Magoun Square for a bigger space in Cambridge, leaving three empty storefronts.

This meeting will be held at Olde Magoun's Saloon - 518 Medford Street - and will include elected officials, business owners and concerned citizens that have been working diligently towards the economic improvement of the Magoun business district.

The parties looking to open the business have canvassed abutters up to 300 feet with flyers about the meeting that will give all genuinely interested people an opportunity to ask questions and offer suggestions for this incoming business.

Proposing the new business, is a current Magoun Square business owner who currently owns K-2 Market; a convenience store that has been a fixture in the square for many years. The store includes tobacco, lottery, and groceries.

Magoun Square Meeting Regarding Proposal for 514 Medford Street
Date: March 15, 2012
Time: 6pm


KelseyRoth said...

Is 300 feet really a wide enough radius to canvas? I live around the corner, have interest in what goes there and have not received a single notice about this.

Thank goodness I read Ward 5 Online

Anonymous said...

I agree with KR.

I believe the Marketing objectives for revitalizing Magoun Square, involves, and goes well beyond a 300 foot target notification reach. At least those involved in the meaningful objectives should bear in mind, if Magoun Square is to pull a Phoenix and rise from the "ashes"... a 300 foot universe will not do it. It has to be expanded to a much larger target reach involving the very (potential) consumers--beyond 300 feet-- who will make the difference as to the square's survival.

As KR...I too live well beyond the 300 foot notification radius.