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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pictorial: Lowell Street Station (Magoun Square Station)

Lowell Street Station Entrance
Here are some perspectives that I snapped with the iPhone (or, as I like to call it, the cPhone) at last night's MassDOT design meeting on Lowell Street Station (Magoun Square Station) held at the Somerville High School Auditorium.

A full recap of the meeting will be posted shortly, however, I did want to put some pictures that I thought you would like. This will run alongside the Maxwell's Green Development.


Anonymous said...

Was the subject of commuter parking brought up?
Don't see any provisions made for on-site, off street, station parking.

While there will be many users who will be in a position to walk to and from the station, there will also be other Somerville users arriving with their own vehicles and will have Somerville permit decals affixed to their windshields, allowing them to legally park all day, and possibly night time, on nearby side streets.

Anonymous said...

If Davis Square, Ball Square, Assembly Square,and Union Square businesses relied soley on residents/consumers living within a 300 feet radius from their respective squares in order to flourish.....guess what!?!?
No way would they survive!

Somerville pols and officials have got to think "out of the box" when applying that 300 foot (required) notification "rule" when "talking" the survival of our squares; as opposed to applying the 300 feet (required) notification "rule" when applying to a neighborhood issue, such as a neighbor or entrepreneur wanting a permit to revamp his/her property; or, convert a building or land to condos, etc. Where only the immediate neighborhood would be impacted....a 300 foot notification radius, for the most part, would suffice.

300 feet, the length of a football field, is insignifcant when dealing with the likes of a metro retail business center.

Not so for a square housing retail and service entities whose reach must go out beyond 300 feet to survive. Talking Magoun here!