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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Word Around the Ward

The race for the Deeds seat has hit Magoun Square! Maria Curtatone now has a sign in K-2 Market at 518 Medford Street. This is interesting because it is diagonal from Alderman At Large Bill White's law practice at 531 Medford Street. Bill White was recently included in a picture for Ward 2 Alderman Maryann Heuston who is running for Registrar of Deeds, as well.

Speaking of K-2, the owner has been asked by Alderman Sean O'Donovan to flyer abutters to his proposed liquor store in Magoun Square that will occupy the space once held by the Basil Tree at 514 Medford Street. Abutters up to 300 feet will receive a flyer regarding a meeting on March 15th  at Olde Magoun's Saloon (518 Medford Street) scheduled for 6pm where abutters, fellow business owners, and concerned citizens can ask questions and offer suggestions about the proposed business. A formal announcement of the meeting will be posted closer to the meeting date.

It's one step forward and two steps back for Magoun Square. Yet another business has closed and features a "For Rent" sign in the window while a separate one now has Stop Work sign placed on the door. On the bright side, increased activity at Lil' Vinny's by the new owners is getting everyone curious as to what they have planned. A website will be launched soon, so neighbors will be informed as the establishment progresses. Sounds like someone knows what they are doing and the thought towards neighbors and businesses is encouraging.

Have you been to On the Hill Tavern lately? They have some great menu specials they've been featuring for a few months now and seem to be going well with hungry sports lovers. Do stop by!

What a packed crowd at the Somerville High School Auditorium on Tuesday! Great commentary and a few laughs with a masked crusader made for a very interesting meeting. It wasn't, however, different from recent meetings the MBTA has held as criticism and disapproval for service cuts has been the main theme of every gathering it has hosted. MBTA, can you hear me now?


Anonymous said...

Isn't there a package/liquor store allready in place on Broadway, immediately west of the square... Woody's Liquors?

Is another one close-by really needed?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, yes, Woody's has been there for years. I'd only be concerned if the proposed store was one like Woody's - dingy, caters to udneragers, etc.

If this intends to be a high-end wine/liquor store like Ball Square Fine Wines, I would welcome it as an addition to the Square.

Anonymous said...

Woody's..."CATERS to underagers."
Quite a charge!---Any proof of that?

I doubt if they willingly do; risking their license in the process.
Fake ID's are easily obtained.
It happens everywhere, and underage "stings" by the Somerville Police Department occur from time to time as reported by the media.

If openly selling/"catering" to underagers is true, and commonly known, wouldn't you think enforcement would drop the hammer on the owner?

"High-end wine/liquor store in Ball Square????
A liquor store by any description is still selling booze.
Ever wonder where the Tufts students get their liquor for their all night binges!!