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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Committee on Public Health and Public Safety Take up 132 Central Street Issue

Members of the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety took to the Winter Hill School last night to hear residents' concerns about issues at 132 Central Street.

With the first and second floor tenants, as well as, the owner of 132 Central Street present, City and elected officials outlined efforts taken since the last meeting at the Winter Hill School took place just a few days after a Boston man was shot at this location.

Since the incident, only one request to break up a large group congregating at the location was made to the Somerville Police Department. The group had left the location by the time police arrived.

Deputy Chief Mike Cabral presented documentation of recorded directed patrols by the police department to the location and surrounding streets. Alderman Bill Roache would further explain to the residents that directed patrols include both driving and walking the location.

The third floor tenants were not present, but it was mentioned that their lease expires in August and that the landlord has sought legal advisement to ensure their exit from the building is smooth.

Director of Inspectional Services Ed Nuzzo was allowed to tour the home and only found repairs were needed to smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and a back railing. Tenants spoke of the reliability of the landlord and that their requests have always been completed in a timely manner.

Out of the meeting came a motion that the Director of Traffic and Parking look into placing No Parking signs to prevent cars from blocking the crosswalk on Central Street. Numerous residents spoke of cars parked right at the curb, making for a dangerous exit onto Central Street via vehicle, bicycle or walking.

The item still remains in committee.

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