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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Magoun Square Gets a Bike Corral!

Magoun Square was just one in many locations that received bike corrals courtesy of a MassDOT grant in the past week.

The original placement of the corral would have taken up a parking spot (similar to other locations), however, Greg Coughlin Owner of Olde Magoun's Saloon donated the right side of his building to the corral where it sits behind a fire lane sign. The corral lines perfectly up against the building, is illuminated for night time visitors, and poses no interference with drivers exiting out of the CVS parking lot.

A parking crunch in the heart of Magoun Square prompted two business owners to request the placement of the corral to be moved.

Somerville is home to many bicycle-friendly features including newly painted bike sharrows, widened sidewalks, curb cuts, increased bicycle parking structures, and (in specific locations) Hubway bike sharing stations.

Hubway Bike Sharing Locations

The bike corrals will be located in the following locations:
East Somerville: Broadway at Mudflat Studio
Union Square: Near Union Square Plaza
Union Square: Somerville Avenue
Union Square: Bow Street (outside Block 11 Cafe)
Winter Hill: On Broadway
Ball Square: On Broadway
Magoun Square: In between Olde Magoun's Saloon and CVS
Powderhouse Circle: On College Avenue
Davis Square: On Elm Street (outside Diesel Cafe)
Teele Square: On Broadway, near Masala restaurant


Charlie said...

It is my understanding that a bike corral only takes up one parking space, not two.

Ward Five said...

Sorry about that...fixed above.