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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Out With the Old and in With the New

While most of the activity has been on the inside of Daddy Jones, some exterior changes were made recently making the opening of Magoun Square’s new eatery more of a reality.

The removal of awnings, window boxes, and the Lil’ Vinny’s signage (revealing the outline of the old Danny’s sign) was quit a shock to frequent patrons and die-hard ‘Gouners. Quickly replacing the shock, however, is the excitement that Daddy Jones will be open in May or June and will feature a completely renovated interior per a conversation with owner Dimitra Tsouranis who revealed that she had the place completely gutted.

As most of you know, Lil’ Vinny’s entered Magoun Square roughly 12 years ago, shedding new light on the square that had lost so many of its anchor stores. The restaurant boasted an intimate setting and an hour to 1 ½ hour wait for a table every Friday night. After new parking regulations were implemented 2 years ago, the eatery experienced a 40% drop in revenue and a tax issue would eventually force the owner to sell. Their appearance on a Licensing Commission agenda transferring their liquor license to the new owner was the first public admittance that Lil’ Vinny’s was closing. The doors were officially locked in early February.

Although sad over the loss of Lil’ Vinny’s, most were consoled by the arrival of a new restaurant and the fact that the owner is Somerville-born and educated certainly didn’t hurt.

Twitter avatar for Daddy Jones Bar

An official opening date has not been set, but do follow the latest information on Daddy Jones via their new Twitter handle: @DaddyJonesBar.

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