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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Police, City and Community Come Together After Central Street Shooting

Officials from the Somerville Police Department, City Hall, and the State House met with concerned residents (roughly 30) in the library of the Winter Hill Community School to discuss a shooting that occurred on Central Street in the early morning hours of Saturday March 31st.

SPD Deputy Upton started the meeting by informing residents that a Boston man was hit twice in the vicinity of 132 Central Street by assailants inside of vehicle that fired roughly ten shots. Seven bullet holes can be counted on the first floor entrance of the triple decker; however, no residents were injured. The victim and his associates are being questioned by police, but were described as being uncooperative and giving conflicting information. Somerville Police are working closely with Boston Police on the incident as the victim is a resident of Boston.

Although the current tenants were praised at the meeting for their positive contribution to the neighborhood and the house itself, the address does have a history. Representative Denise Provost read from notes she brought dated for 1993 of residents questioning the property owner after complaints prompted a community meeting. 

The current tenants are responsible for physical improvements to the house, gaining them appreciation from neighbors.

Mayor Joe Curtatone pointed out that this meeting was just one in a series that had taken place in the wake of this incident and that the city would seek the assistance of both the Solicitor's Office (if needed) and the Inspectional Services Department in dealing with the property. ISD will be making a formal request to inspect the location to the owner. Ed Nuzzo, as well as, the Mayor noted that the property owner was cooperating fully with the city.

This issue will be taken on by the Committee on Public Safety for follow-up discussions.


Anonymous said...

Courtney - did you hear anything about another shooting at 132 Central St the weekend of December 8th? According to neighbors accounts, a gunshot was fired early morning (4:00-4:30 AM) during an argument/confrontation on the 3rd floor. The city and local newspapers have not reported this incident. This is the second shooting at this address this year.

Ward Five said...

Hi Anonymous,

I did not hear about this. It was not published in the local newspapers because, I assume, the police were not called. How did you hear about it?

Courtney O'Keefe