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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Traffic Commission Decides on Alpine Traffic Change

A group of Alpine and Princeton Street residents declared a small victory in their mission to keep the connector between Cedar Street and the Alpine/Princeton fork a one-way.

Armed with stories of contentious face-offs and blocked driveways, the proponents of the one-way designation offered compelling, personal testimony that the Alpine Street traffic change should remain for traffic flow, safety, and quality of life reasons.

Two sides to the story…
There was a strong case made by other residents, however, that are annoyed that quick access to Cedar Street is now an extra drive as they have to utilize Lowell Street then Albion. Increase in traffic on certain roads and gas prices were well received by the Traffic Commission, but a final decision to keep Alpine as is was delivered after a hand count.

…and then there’s MaxWell’s Green…
Previously, three trial periods were approved by the Commission to see how the one-way designation would impact traffic flow during summer and winter months before last Thursday’s decision to keep the direction change in place. A time period of six months was given to opponents of the change to bring the issue back up with the Commission after it was revealed that renters at MaxWell’s Green will be moving in come September 1st


Anonymous said...

1st---the one way approved is not and was not (ever) Alpine Street from Cedar Street to Lowell Street. It was, As clearly stated on the initial petition,and understood by all involved, it was for 1-way, west to east, terminating where Alpine meets Princeton... of which 73% of impacted residents contacted signed on as in-favor of one-way; more than the required minimum 66% to bring the item before the Traffic Commission.

The balance, higher numbers, of Alpine, and all of Princeton, remains as 2-way---enabling drivers an easier "bail-out" when first viewing the one-way signage.
Also, drivers are cautioned by way of "No-Outlet" to Cedar signage posted at Alpine and lowell; and at Princeton and lowell----heading west.

As far as some residents,in the minority, complaining about having to go around to Albion via lowell--if that complaint is going to hold up, then every 2-way street that was made 1-way should be made 2-way again because just about every one way street in Somerville has inconvenienced one or more residents by them having to go-around to get to a street easier accessed before their street became one-way.

That one-way portion of Alpine Street, much narrower than the rest of Alpine---when it was 2-way, and with legally parked vehicles, only provided one vehicle travel lane serving opposite head-on trafffic not without its inherent problems.

Even the sidewalks there are narrower than the rest of the street.

Ward Five said...

Thank you for your comment!

The incorrect description of the one way was modified in the post

Anonymous said...

By the way, there not two trial periods"blessed" by the Traffic Commission, there were three.
#1----for 90 days.
#2----another 90 days added on.
#3----another 60 days added on.
For a total of 240 trial days/8 months.

It wasn't a "group" of Alpine/Princeton Street residents wanting the one-way, it was and is
the majority of impacted Alpine Street and Princeton Street residents wanting the one-way. That majority is still in place; even after three who signed as wanting the one way, changed their minds; plus the one and only resident who signed as opposed.

It does appear the will of the majority will be served.....the street is just too narrow to allow 2-way traffic....very similar to 1-way Henderson Street, and many other 1-way streets in Somerville.

Ward Five said...

The "group" that I was referring to was the "group" that attended the meeting.

My apologies on the trial period amount. That has been changed.

Chill out on the tone of your comment, this website is unbiased and will deliver both sides of the story. At the end of the day, all that matters is that Alpine is still a one-way from Cedar to the Alpine/Princeton fork.

Anonymous said...

Apologize for creating a "tone" not intended! Sometimes "tone" is in the eyes of the beholder; particularly when being corrected.

But if citing facts favorable to a person's thinking, and favorable to the thinking of the majority regard this issue, is construed as "bias"...then guilty as charged.

The fact that the street remains one-way was for all the right reasons "biased" in favor of one-way, brought forth by residents....and (apparently) recognized by the Traffic Commissioners voting for the permanecy of the this time.

If there are others out there "biased" in favor of Alpine 2-way they are entitled as well.
"Two sides to every story"...and the 1st Amendment allowing their input---with propriety!