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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Do You Want M.F. Dulock (Craft Butcher) on Highland Avenue?

After enjoying a stroll through the Armory's Farmer's Market and the artists at Open Studios, there was a sign that caught my attention at 201A Highland Avenue between the Armory and Lowell Street. It seems that M.F. Dulock, whole-animal butcher, is looking to open a location in Somerville.

After following the Twitter handle and liking the Facebook page, I checked out their website to learn more about the business. The connection between local farmers, Dulock's storefront, and consumers has me excited about their potential arrival to Somerville and knowing that they (and their business model) will fit right in to our community.

They are asking for donations through their Indigogo website to make their Somerville-based dream a reality! They are publicly thanking all supporters through their website and on the social media circuit, including (most recently) Ward 5 Online and Somerville Local First friend Kelsey Roth of The Management.

As one person who takes patronizing local establishments seriously, I encourage all of my readers to donate to this awesome cause and bring this business to Somerville. I have setup a linked picture on the side of the website for your convenience!

Have you already donated? Let me know, so I (like M.F. Dulock) can thank you publicly too!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the question should be asked of McKinnon's in Davis Square who will stand to lose some degree of meat business to Duloc

Anonymous said...

It's healthy competition.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, for the consumer!

Not so much for McKinnon's if their customer count and gross $$$ volume suffers.

But, they either rise to the challenge or suffer the consequences.