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Friday, May 25, 2012

"Pay to Park" in Magoun Square (CVS) Lot

The covered kiosk has finally been dusted off and is ready to go as Somerville has brought the "Pay to Park" technology to the Magoun Square (CVS) parking lot this week.

This has been a staple in Davis Square for a while and has garnered the Traffic and Parking Department big compliments as people find it easier to pay with debit cards rather than search for quarters.

The first few spots in are still metered with the back section designated for the kiosk. No word yet on whether or not the whole lot will be numbered. The pricing and meter-feeding times remain the same. Please remember that Somerville residents park for free in (unmetered)municipal lots on Saturdays.

In previous conversations, both business owners and patrons applauded the ease of this system as they didn't have to carry a pocketful of change to park. This is another big improvement to the parking situation in Magoun that also includes less business permit parking spaces in the lot, timed loading zones, and truncated meter spacing.


Courtney said...

Residents with a current sticker can park in Muni lots.

Anonymous said...

Where are these muni {free} lots?

Are they the same ones used during snow emergencies?