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Thursday, May 24, 2012

ResiStat Recap: Crime is Down!

Police Reps at Community Meeting in April
Crime is not only down in Ward 5, but throughout the entire city according to data presented by the Somerville Police Department.
These stats were important to attendees, especially considering a recent shooting on Central Street a couple of months ago that had the ward worried. That incident is still under investigation and the Somerville Police Department is still working with the Boston PD to get to the bottom of the case. The landlord of the location has been working cooperatively with city officials and law enforcement officers to keep his property safe for current tenants and neighbors.

Police and City Officials held a community meeting soon after to discuss the incident with neighbors. A follow-up meeting with the Committee on Public Health and Public Safety followed and the legislative item was marked as Work Completed in late April. 

The police department is also cracking down on unruly cyclists by issuing tickets with most of them being for monetary fines. Reports of unleashed dogs on the Community Path are almost nonexistent as police have had a heavy presence on the path, issuing violations and speaking to residents. They have done this in other popular locations, as well, continuing to make Somerville a safe place for everyone.

In closing their presentation, officers wanted to remind everyone to make sure that they do not leave personal items visible in cars and to keep all house doors and windows locked to prevent burglaries. They want all residents to stay aware of their surroundings and to never hesitate to contact the Police if they notice something suspicious.

The SPD now has a presence on Facebook and Twitter (see tabs on the SPD website for information) for all the social media users in the city-using both of these avenues to expel information and reminders for Somerville residents.

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