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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hudson Street's Todd Easton Invites You to Presentation

Hi Hudson St Neighbors and fellow Somerville Residents

I would like to invite you to a presentation of Neighbor-ways by Tom Bertulis, a professional engineer and a NorthEastern graduate student.  As a review, neighbor-ways involve putting some design elements in low-traffic streets that make them function as more than just pathways for cars, but rather places for kids to play, neighbors to meet, as well as being a low-stress corridor for bicycling and walking.  An excellent video of the concept is here:

The presentation will encompass Tom’s design work for a final project with Tufts Urban Transportation Planning class.  The meeting will be from 6:30-8:30pm on June 27th at the VNA community room on Lowell Street.As a resident of Hudson Street and neighborhood activist, I am hoping you might spread the word in your neighborhood.  In particular residents of   Spencer, Hudson, Central Road (not Street) and Madison Streets.   They have also done some design work for Hancock Street too-- so if you know anyone there, please spread the word.

This concept was presented to Sarah Spicer, a transportation planner at the City.  If this concept is something that you and the neighbors like, we could make a formal request to the City to undertake a possible pilot project.

Looking forward to seeing you at the presentation.

Todd Easton

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