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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Let Budget Season Begin...

Meetings have been scheduled, starting on June 5th at 6pm, for the Board of Aldermen and the Finance Committee to deliberate over the FY2013 budget for the city. At this point, no attachments have been added and a quick search on the city's website has not turned up the detailed PDF.

Recent ResiStat meetings have revealed that the city is facing a $3 Million deficit, but the Mayor promised "new revenue streams and efficiencies" to bridge the gap. The School Committee budget has increased by the same amount and received very little comment during recent presentations.

The FY2012 budget was approved in record time and garnered little opposition as the city faced a $7+ Million gap that was covered with layoffs at Traffic and Parking and proposed revenue streams including increases for residential parking permits, difference licenses through the Clerk’s office, and the initiation of ticketing expired registrations around the city. The expired registration ticketing initiative was slated to make the city almost $1 million alone. The rest of the budget balanced through a withdrawal out of the rainy day fund.

Budget meetings are as follows...
June 5th at 6pm: Board of Alderman Special Meeting
June 5th at 6:30pm: Finance Committee Meeting
June 6th at 6pm: Finance Committee Meeting

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