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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

M.F. Dulock: Somerville or Bust!

When M.F. Dulock mentioned that he wanted to open a shop at 201A Highland Avenue in Somerville, residents & fans were willing to do whatever it took to make that dream a the tune of $15,170!

After asking for donations, promising everything from t-shirts to a butchery class for you & a friend (you break down a whole hog-keeping all the meat), Dulock announced, via Twitter, that he is Somerville-bound and is now in the construction phase!

According to his handle, @CraftButcher, work inside the shop includes removing the existing floor tiles, picking out new floor & wall tile and finalizing the shop layout.

In total, 114 contributors donated money that brought Somerville's new butcher within just a few thousand dollars of his $20K goal. He would proudly & publicly thank each person via Twitter. My kinda guy...

Did you donate? Comment below, so I can thank you publicly, as well!


Ron Newman said...

Where on Highland?

Ward Five said...