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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Word Around the Ward

So, after much discussion, there are a few people who want me to bring this feature back-even if it's not on a weekly basis. I hope they're happy now and I want to remind them that my birthday is in August ;)

Things are rocking in Daddy Jones Bar as Dimitra and friends are continuing construction and hoping for a end-of-July to early-August opening date. Be sure to follow the progress on via Twitter by following @DaddyJonesBar.
Also looking for an August opening is craft butcher M.F. Dulock who is located at 201A Highland Avenue. Paperwork has just been submitted to the Board of Health with plumbing and electrical pending.

MaxWell's Green is now holding tours and even raffling off gift certificates to Davis Square restaurants for those who sign up for a showing of their model apartment. I'm wishing & hoping they look up the street to Magoun for some prizes, as well. They read it here first.

The race between the two lovely Somerville ladies running for Register of Deeds is running smoothly as yard signs and bumper stickers for both are filling up the streets. Remember to vote in September!

Somerville Local First is taking over Olde Magoun's Saloon on July 26th from 5:30-7:30pm for a SUMMER-Ville Cool Down featuring a great, diverse food spread and samples from local brewers that you will also find on tap! Be sure to get your tickets! And, no, it's not too early to let you know that three months and one day from this event is SLF's HarvestFest on October 27th. Mark your calendar now!


Anonymous said...

The first paragraph is all whited out again on Safari on the Mac! Wonder what's making this happen?

Ward Five said...


Sometimes, when I cut & paste, it comes up with a white block over it.

Better now?

Anonymous said...

All set! :-)