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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Board of Health to Discuss Rodent Issue...

The Board of Health will be holding a special meeting on July 12th at 5:30pm in City Hall Annex (50 Evergreen Avenue) to further discuss the rodent issue in the City.

The committee on Public Health and Safety, chaired by Alderman at Large Bill White, hosted the Board of Health Director and the Inspectional Services Director at City Hall, recently, to discuss the issue in front of a large crowd in the Aldermanic Chambers. Last year, the same committee hosted a lecture by Billy Corrigan who assisted New York with their rodent infestation in 2008.

Attending members of the Board of Aldermen pressured both departments to continue researching preventative measures to take to combat the rodent issue, including, meeting with other cities and towns that have successful action plans in place. ISD Director Ed Nuzzo planned on meeting with Malden soon about their plan.

Check out legislation on the issue.

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