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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


My mother's tire was slashed post-10pm last night. A police report was made and she'll be meeting with detectives this week.

Also, a robbery was reported around the Clyde Street area this past weekend. All residents were put on alert via their listserv.

Please keep an eye out this summer for suspicious activity and lock all windows and doors. Remember, the SPD can assist in registering your electronics and bicycles-should they be recovered. This is something that is strongly suggested at every ResiStat meeting I attend.

Most of all, keep an eye out in the neighborhood!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

*Slashed tires....out and out property vandalism....
*Houses being broken into...
*Robberies on streets.....throw in sexual assaults...
*After 10:00 PM: noise, midnite basketball games,skate boarders, drinking, illegal drugs, in our parks---disturbing adjacent sleeping residents; nothing new in Somerville.

All becomes "new" to persons not heretofore impacted when one or any of the above hits home for the first time.

Police can't be everywhere, and the punks know it.

A detective checking out a slashed tire incident; all well and good.
On a priority basis of 1 to 10---1 being the story ends with a 1, once the interview with the victim is entered into the records. UNLESS, some one "drops a dime" on the perpertrator.

House breaks in Somerville? Maybe 15 to 20 a week reported in the local print media----ask yourself how many are solved?

Not to say any all of the above are not prevalent in other surrounding cities and towns.