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Friday, July 6, 2012

Dan Maher to Say Goodbye to Magoun Square

Dan Maher Stained Glass

After over a decade gracing 500 Medford Street in Magoun Square, Dan Maher will bid the business district goodbye to make way for a beer and wine store that was formerly proposed for the old Basil Tree location.

Teacher and Somerville Open Studios participant, Maher has been a fixture in Somerville for many years, building a great reputation for both new and restorative stained glass work. He moved into the Magoun Square area back in the day when Mike’s Hardware and Cara Donna’s also called it home.

Dan has always been involved in the effort to improve the economic state of Magoun, participating in initiatives dating back to the early 2000s-including the addition of CVS through the former Magoun Square Revitalization Committee. Recently, he became a strong advocate for reconsideration of the City’s parking policies to ease the strain on storefronts trying to successfully conduct business in the square.

Maher will be leaving at the end of October and, in the meantime, will be looking for a studio space rather than a storefront preferably in Somerville. I will be sure to report the new location once it is finalized.

Dan does leave the square in an interesting state as we are looking forward to a few new businesses opening in the coming months including a market at the former Cara Donna's location, as well as, Daddy Jones Bar at the old Lil' Vinny's spot.

Himgiri Enterprises, Inc is glad to get a second shot at making a permanent home in Magoun as their initial attempt fell through last Spring. If all goes well, the current owners of K2 Market, will enjoy their first ownership in the square with logistics slated to take a couple of months before construction can begin.

The Licensing Commission hearing to grant the new location for 500 Medford Street is on the agenda for the July 16th meeting at 6pm to take place at the TAB Building (167 Holland Street).


huge said...

by the way - Daddy Jones is hopefully going to open before September, according to Facebook.

Jenn Keizer Roth said...

Dan and his stained glass art studio will be sorely missed!

Liz said...

Too bad - always liked looking in when walking by.