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Monday, July 16, 2012

License Transfer for Magoun Beer & Wine Store Approved

A beer and wine license originally proposed for 514 Medford Street has been approved for 500 Medford Street by the Licensing Commission this evening.

Himgiri Enterprises, Inc along with their attorney explained the reasoning behind the location switch before the approval was granted.

Currently, the gentlemen own K2 Market (pictured above), a small convenience store located at 516 Medford Street that includes some groceries, lottery, cigarettes, and Keno.

The beer and wine location, contrary to what was stated at the March 15th community meeting, will include lottery and cigarettes, but no Keno. The pair justified the decision based on the location being further away from the K2 Market.

I attended the meeting and spoke in support of the license transfer, but expressed my dislike for the inclusion of lottery in this location.

Acknowledging two emails in opposition, the commission went on to approve the license transfer.

Minutes of the meeting will be available on the commission website once completed.


KelseyRoth said...

This is what I was worried about. We don't need more cigarettes and lottery in Magoun Square. We need anchor businesses that will attract people to the square.

I'm concerned that they may also decide that selling cases of Bud Light, boxed wine and nips are now OK because they are further from Woody's.

I felt pretty good about their business plan after the community meeting. Not so much now.

Anonymous said...

I don't think they can sell nips-they only have a beer and wine license.

ball sq fine wines has a lottery machine so I don't have an issue with that.